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About FivData

Our Story

FivData is a modern data analytics platform targeting Fiverr Freelancers. The tailored algorithms provide insights about essential metrics for successful freelancing gig management. Extracted data related to trends, selling, reviews and orders are analysed through the algorithms and delivered via FivData website, mobile app and browser extensions.

Initially launched in 2019, FivData has the expertise in data analytics, browser extensions and distributed computing, relaunch "Fiv" brand in 2022. The franchise includes several SAAS applications which uplift the lifestyle of freelancers.

Behind the Scene

How FivData Works?

See our technology at a glance! We are evolving daily.


Our data agents pick the important and analysable data from the platforms.

Strategy & Organizing

Harvested data will be processed, and extracted information will be stored in the datastore.


The information can be accessed through FivData applications for users worldwide.

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