What is FivData and Why it is Important

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  • Mar 31, 2022
What is FivData and Why it is Important

Hello, freelancers. Today, we will look at the best freelancer assistant tool for Fiverr sellers. FivData tools assist you with keyword analytics, rank checking, and gig SEO tools for Fiverr. Now we will compare two popular freelancer assistant services providers: Fivlytics, Fiverrlytics and FivData. Let's check out!

Fivlytics is an assistant tool for Fiverr freelancers. Provide you with keyword analytics, gig rank checking, and SEO tools to improve your business. Algorithms of Fivlytics analyse data from Fiverr related to buy sell and SEO and generate specific data to find gig ranks and keywords. Fiverrlytics also provides the same services with additional tools like gig comparison, response rate calculators, and a mobile app.

Ranking the gigs on Fiverr is the most challenging task for almost everyone.

FivData is a modern and trending data analytics platform targeting Fiverr Freelancers. The tailored algorithms provide insights about essential metrics for successful freelancing gig management. Extracted data related to trends, selling, reviews, and orders are analysed through the algorithms and delivered via the FivData website, mobile app, and browser extensions.

FivData has the expertise in data analytics, web scraping, browser extensions, and distributed computing, relaunching the "Fiv" brand in 2022. The franchise includes several SAAS applications which uplift the lifestyle of freelancers
Fivlytics assist you with keyword analytics, gig rank checking, order completion calculator, and gig SEO. Additionally, the gig rank tracker and deep gig Rank checker come with a cost. Fivdata gives you the newest trending services with different pieces of information. It comes with keyword analytics, gig rank checking, and SEO. Furthermore, the gig rank tracker, keyword tracker order completion calculator, and the deep gig rank checker also can be added to these services. Are you in to take a close look at these services? Let's go then.

Keyword Analytics

Do you need to succeed in your Fiverr business? Here is a tip for you…select the best keywords for your gig. Keywords are the text or phrase various buyers use to look for a service your gig should optimise to address the buyer's requirements. Most gigs are optimised for category titles and common high-level keywords, which are competitive and sometimes misleading. Understanding your buyers and making a gig should address each specific requirement, allowing your gig to reach an entire buyer base. It helps to gain a massive number of sales in your Fiverr business. When your gig starts performing, you can focus on top-level keywords to generalise your gig. There are several tremendous opportunities hidden in these keywords. The keyword analytic tool helps you find the most critical keywords and extract valuable and essential information in Fivlytics. For a standard search, they use only 1st search result page of Fiverr. Still, Fivdata provides you with the first 3 pages of the Fiverr Search Results. And for the keyword and extract information such as Seller Counts, Gig Distribution, Country-wise Distribution, Ordering History, Price Distribution, and Gig Stats. So I recommend you to go check out FivData Keyword Analytics.

Gig Rank checker

What is a gig rank checker? The gig rank checker is to check for a specific keyword in your gig. It is a free tool available for you! one of the most crucial factors in a successful freelancing career. The gig rank checker tool helps you keep track of your gig rank and fine-tune your gig data according to the competition in freelancing. And it is free!

Buyers always look for the content and reviews in the rank checker to help you rank your gig on the first few pages of Fiverr search results. It will expose your gig to a more extensive buyer base. We recommend regular gig checking because freelancing is growing day by day. With new skilled sellers coming to the market, the competition increase daily. Check your Rank and optimise daily to be a success.

In the standard search of Fivlytics gig rank checker, they use 1st 2 pages of search results from Fiverr. To use the 3rd page, you have to register with Fivlytics. Still, the algorithm of FivData checks search results up to 3 pages and extracts the gig rankings. Furthermore, you need to register, so the best option is Fivdata. The deep gig rank checker is a more advanced method of gig rank checker that gets to you by FivData. It can search up to 5 search result pages to extract gigs.

Gig Rank Tracker

What is this gig rank tracker curious to know? The gig rank tracker allows the seller to stay up to date every day. It updates the seller about the performance of the keywords linked to your gig with real-time data. The employment landscape is shifting because more people prefer independent freelancing jobs over old-school traditional 9 to 5 jobs or 8 to 5 jobs. Hence, it is essential to develop a competitive advantage to stay above the rest of the freelancing sellers out there, and that's why you need a gig rank tracker. The search algorithm checks the daily standings of your keywords and gives you a monthly ranking chart. Thereby you can optimise and rank up your gig and your content.
Gig Rank Tracker automatically checks your Rank daily and sends a mail with daily rank and rank changes regarding the previous Rank. You'll get a chart with rank variation for a month with the tracker Fivlytics checks daily standings of your keyword up to 5 pages of the search result. Again, it comes with a cost. This tool comes with fixed pricing of $4.99 per month (30 days) for one keyword. initially, you will get Rank Chart for 30 Days, Daily Status Update Email, Rank Change Track and Search up to 5 Pages by Fivlytics Fivdata is going to provide you more pages weekly and monthly results, and it is for a lower price than Fivlytics and most importantly To track a gig with Fivlytics Gig Rank Tracker, your gig should be in among initial pages for the given keyword both Fivlytics and Fivdata algorithm search more pages in case if your Rank drops so don't worry they got you and your business

Keyword Tracker

Only provided by Fivdata enables sellers to track your keywords and be up to date about your gig and content. Fivdata always provides you with maximum benefits for a lower price, and also Fivdata gets in touch with new trends.

Fiverr Order Completion Rate Calculator

You think you can do this by your self right? But see the difference between your mind calculator and order completion rate calculator. It is keeping records that always helps to maintain the excellent balance of your business. This balance is the key to a prosperous business. So what is an order completion rate calculator? You will get a report of the completed order count and cancelled order count for past orders. Then this tool itself calculated the order completion rate and expected charges to end to reach a 95% completion margin. If you cancel an order, a new calculation rate will be calculated. Order completion rate is helpful and a must-do thing for freelancers on Fiverr. Order Completion Rate Calculator of Fiverr gives all the necessary information and calculations about order completion at a glance. Search for your completed and cancelled order count via the Seller Analytics Page of your Fiverr account. Just go to Analytics Page and select filter according to your need. You can see the graph with blue and grey bars, containing completed orders (Blue Bar) and cancelled orders (Gray Bar) in the diagram. Get the total for the last two months and enter the data to calculate.

SEO Tools

What is SEO on Fiverr?

Search engine optimisation, or all we know as SEO, plays a vital role in your freelancer business. It's about uplifting your online visibility by achieving high rankings on Fiverr search results and attracting organic traffic. SEO is done by making authoritative content SEO teams help you make authoritative content for your gig, so three will be only one gig like yours, giving you the full authority of your content in your gig. The SEO team also help to update your gig regularly to keep in touch with the new trend and new competitors. SEO also looks at the metadata in your gig. When designing your gig, each page contains a space between the tags to insert information about the contents of your page or simply metadata. SEO helps to have an attractive gig in your Fiverr seller account

A gig which is content-rich, authoritative, unbiased, and helps buyers learn more about what they are interested in is most likely to attract mutual Buyers from post buyers SEO team also uses alt tags to give an idea about your image and video media. They allow five search engines to locate your gig, which is crucial to getting it among 1st pages.
Get your Gigs analysed by the team of experts in Fivdata to improve your Gigs and the success of your Fiverr business. So why are you waiting to start working with Fivdata today! Have a successful business ahead!