Keyword Analytics

Keyword Analytics for Fiverr is analytics and insight tool for Freelancers. The tool collects data about a specific keyword and present data such as gig count, seller distribution, pricing, gig data and order counts to the users. Keyword Analytics collects data upto 3 search results pages from Fiverr.

Fiverr Keyword Analytics

What is Keyword Analytics

Selecting the best keyword is the most important factor for a successful gig. Huge opportunities are hidden in the keywords, Keyword Analytics for Fiverr tool helps you to uncover the great keywords and extract the important information.

The tool walk through first 3 pages of the Fiverr Search Results for the keyword and extract information such as Seller Counts, Gig Distribution, Country wise Distribution, Ordering History*, Price Distribution and Gig Stats.

How to Select the Best Keyword?

Keywords are text or phrases used by the buyers to search for service in Fiverr. The gigs should be optimized in a way to address the buyers requirements. Most of the gigs are optimized for category titles and common high level keyword which are competitive and sometimes misleading. Understanding your buyers and make a gig addressing each specific requirement can allow your gig to reach untouched buyer base and gain more sales in Fiverr. Once your gig starts performing, you can focus on top level keywords to generalize your gig.

How to Select a Best Keyword for Fiverr

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Keyword Analytics? Few common questions listed below.

Our algorithms scans upto 3 search results pages to extract the keyword analytics report.

Our servers are located in USA. Our algorithms skip personalization and fetch data as a fresh buyer for all the search queries.

The data in the report is fresh and cached only for 24 hours. We refresh our cache everyday on user requests.

If you have a paid plan, you can view the active order count for today. You can use keyword history tool to extract past 14 days data on availability basis. You can use Keyword Tracker to track keywords upto 30 days.

Fiverr, Gig and Gigs are registered trademarks of Fiverr International Ltd. This is NOT an official product of Fiverr International Ltd and has no affiliation with Fiverr International Ltd.
* Some details are only available in the paid plans.