Order Completion Rate Calculator

Order Completion Rate is an essential matrix for Freelancers to get more orders. Order Completion Rate Calculator can give your current order completion rate and the required orders to reach a 95% margin. Use this tool to calculate your completion rate before order cancellation and stay in the preferred list of the buyers always.

Fiverr Order Completion Rate Calculator

What is Order Completion Rate Calculator

Order completion rate is an essential matrix for freelancers. Fiverr Order Completion Rate Calculator gives all the insights about order completion at a glance. Completed orders and cancelled orders count for the past two months are required for the calculation. The tool provides order completion rate, expected orders to meet the 95% completion margin, and the new completion rate if you cancel an order now.

You can get your completed and canceled order count from Fiverr Seller Analytics Page. Goto Analytics Page and select filter past year filter. You can see the graph which contains completed orders (Blue Bar) and cancelled orders (Gray Bar) in the graph. Get the total for the last two months and enter the data to calculate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Order Completion Rate Calculator? Few common questions listed below.

Go to Selling -> Analytics -> Overview in your Fiverr account and select the last 3 months view.

You can view your completed orders in the top of the chart. If you have less orders you can count by moving the cursor to Blue Bar in the graph.

Cancelled orders are not directly displayed in the chart. You can calculate it by checking the Gray Bars.

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